Have you heard? Douglas Karpen, from Houston, Texas,  is the newest doctor, if he can be called that, making headlines for his “practice.”  What did he practice?  He made a practice of performing late-term abortions outside the boundaries the law states as legal.  Kermit Gosnell was just recently given life without parole for his “practice” in the Philadelphia area.

Can these faces become the new up-front image of the abortion/pro-choice industry?

I just did a quick search online for news stories concerning Dr. Karpen.  Results?  MSNBC – 0 results, ABCNews – 0 results, CBSnews – 0 Results, …..ummmm….even the Associated Press – “Your search “Douglas Karpen “ did not match any results.  No pages were found containing “Douglas Karpen.”  I’m not surprised.  I did, however, find that The Canadian Free Press is covering the story.  Again, like with the Gosnell story, it will take public outcry for news agencies to put even a little snippet of info up on their front pages.

Fear?  Yes.  Because this will become the face of the movement.

We regularly see the horrors of war on the front page.  We read of the horrors of 1 man in Cleveland kidnapping 3 ladies, using them as sex slaves and forcefully aborting at least 5 of their pregnancies that we know of…in fact that was the headline for days.

Yes, I wonder why it took this long for the nurses/assistants to come forward.  I’m simply glad they finally did.  I don’t know what heartache they have or what discouragements kept them from speaking…but they did.  I’m pleased that someone picked up their story.  I think this is the tip of an iceberg.

My questions for this topic would be addressed to the news outlets:

  • What’s the process for which you choose or choose not to cover a story?
  • Why do you quickly cover stories where “religious” people do harm to abortion clinic workers, but not when abortion clinic workers to harm to babies and ladies giving birth outside of current federal law (Gosnell)?
  • Is this type of story just too gruesome for you to cover?
  • If so, what are your boundaries for which something is determined to be too gruesome?
  • Are you afraid of these doctors becoming the new face of this specific freedom of choice movement as defined by Supreme Court decisions (R v. W)?

I’m pretty sure that no answers will be given…and I’m also pretty sure I know the answers.  But I’ll ask anyways.  Readers, please ask with me.

Thanks for reading


Here is my quick response to Cecile Richards’ recent column in USA Today. 

Ms. Richards is partly right and partly wrong, and decides to leave out one very important piece of information.  Yes, morning after pills can prevent sperm from coming into contact with an egg, but, and this is a very important, if fertilization has already happened, this pill will prevent an already forming human embryo, yes already forming…from receiving nourishment from it’s mother’s uterine wall.  Technically, this is called a chemical abortion.  This information is readily available on morning after pill websites…not just an opinion of mine.

How do the PREVEN® emergency contraceptive pills prevent pregnancy?
PREVEN® can stop or delay ovulation (the release of an egg), it can stop sperm from fertilizing an egg if it was already released, and it can stop a fertilized egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus.”
Source: http://www.drugs.com/mtm/preven-ec.html

How Does Plan B® Work?
Plan B® (levonorgestrel) may prevent pregnancy by temporarily stopping the release of an egg from a woman’s ovary, or it may prevent fertilization. It may also prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus. ”
Source: http://www.planbonestep.com/faqs.aspx

Question for Ms. Richards:  How do describe an already fertilized egg?

Another question please:  I’m assuming that you feel pregnancy begins when the human embryo attaches itself to it’s mother’s wall.  True or false?

Thanks for reading.

Make no mistake. God‘s name was invoked recently by President Obama as if he was calling on God to bless this organization. The number one abortion provider in the country and a tax-payer funded organization now world-wide (some don’t know this fact), Planned-Parenthood is leading the way for the Pro-Choice movement. My question to the president is this, which I’ve never heard anyone ask, “Mr. President, when do you think human life begins?” And another question please, “When do you think the life of your daughters began?” And yet another, “When did you start saying that your wife was carrying a child?” Oh…and yet another, “If you found out the gender of your two daughters before birth, did you name them?”

You see, the answers to the first question will show one’s philosophy of life and determine the answers to the next few. If the president would answer honestly that life doesn’t begin until 3rd trimester or after first breath, descriptions many pro-choicers like to use, then he would not call the 1st trimester baby-bump his child, nor would he even want to know the gender let alone name the “fetus.”

Most of us know his voting record on baby/fetus issues before he became president. But no one has sat down with him to answer the tough questions.

I’m just wondering if anyone would ask him these questions now….

Thoughts of humanity are in the public eye again this week as we’ve seen terrorism in Boston and what looks like to be a horrific, workplace accident in Texas.  And a story that’s been slowly making headlines is equally as heart wrenching.  I have to admit, I have read the headlines, but have scanned the articles describing the medical practice of Dr. Gosnell.  After reading a sentence or two…well…I have to stop.  It just seems too evil.  Yes, I typed the word.  I say ‘evil’ without hatred or malice, but with sadness and a lump in my throat.

The abortion debate rages on again as different media outlets call the lives taken either ‘fetuses‘ or ‘babies.’  I have my opinion and I’m assuming its obvious.  I guess I have some questions that would be directed to all media outlets.

I would ask those reporters and those who write for the talking heads (no offense to anchors), by what process do you decide to call “life” a fetus or a baby?  Reference CBS change of this story within a few years here.  In 2010 you called the those bodies in a freezer and in jars fetuses… in 2013 you called them babies.  I’m just curious.

In various blogs about this trial, the comment section is filled with supporters of and against abortion.  Most abortion rights writers say that it’s not a baby until first breath.  Two questions here for me would be; 1) Why then do current laws detail time in womb verses breath of air? and based on your answer to the first question 2) When does motherhood start?

Hollywood reporters regularly call out the “baby-bump” of actresses who are expecting.  Most people I know who have become pregnant automatically begin calling the little one inside their belly by name if they’ve found out the gender.  And, most of them have also signed on to the ‘mom’ title as soon as the pink P shows up on the pregnancy test stick.

What I hear from most of media outlets, experts and politicians, is life is important after first breath (such as the tearful news of the 8 year old killed by one of the Marathon bombs).  Until then, its not human life.

Side note – It’s illegal to harm a Bald Eagle “fetus” (egg)…even through it’s not had it’s first breath.  Fine and jail time are potentials if you do.  So…are we consistent in how we view life in general?  Not sure.  But my heart is leaning in a direction now.


Thanks, as always for reading.  Leave responses below.  I’d love to communicate with you.

Yet another news article came across my computer screen this morning with respect to planned lay-offs due to the already enacted portions of the Affordable Health Care Act and the quickly approaching full enactment of the law/tax (I put ‘tax’ there referencing the Supreme Court Decision last summer).

My frustration is this.  This article is not the first one I’ve read about companies that are planning large percentage lay-offs, cuts in employee’s weekly hours, product price increases, etc.  CLICK HERE FOR A SHORT LIST of companies already coming forward with their plans and reasons for their changes.  Keep in mind, this list is a tad old.

Has anyone heard a logical explanation from those who voted “yes” as to why this is happening?  Has anyone heard the current administration in the White House, executive branch, talk about whether they expected this…planned for this…have stop-gaps for this?

I ask because I haven’t.  I’ve heard people searching for words that seem soothing to ears but explain no truth.  When will a reporter or a news service keep pressing questions about this until they’ve heard a truthful explanation?

Have you heard explanations that make sense?

Here’s the article that caught my eye this morning (click here).  Regal Cinemas are planning new cuts due to….wait for it…Obamacare.  Tada!


Three recent news articles caught the eyes of many a parent.  One bit of news came out of Florida that had to do with a legislator who doesn’t like a bill that is moving through it’s process.  It is SB 862 and is called Parent Empowerment in Education.  It promotes active participation in a much different way than just involvement.  It actually gives parents some say in how the school is run, above and beyond voting in board members and other administration.  Will this create some conflict? Sure it will. This one legislator in particular doesn’t like that fact that parents will have more authority.  My question to him would be, “So where does parenting authority stop and start with respect to children being educated by a local school system?”   Read The Bill Here

The next article, highlighted on many conservative sites today, has to do with a mom and dad who happened upon a crumpled paper with some writing in crayon.  Their young son had, in class, been directed to write this, “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”  News is still coming out about this one as the actual situation happened a few months ago.  Teachers going above and beyond what is simply education?  I believe so. Click Here To Read The Story

The last article comes from Union Grove, Wisconsin.  A parent there read through one of their child’s homework papers to find out that conservatism is defined as, “the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms and encouraging prosperity through economic freedom.”  And that the definition of liberalism is, “the political belief of equality and personal freedom for everyone, often changing the current system to increase government protection of civil liberties.”  It was quickly noted that the school, principal and teacher were all given some grace as this wasn’t “usual.”  The teacher didn’t read the entire assignment before passing it out.  Very possible.  I’m willing to give benefit of the doubt.  Everyone was very apologetic.  But it took a parent to notice by reading through their child’s assignments.  It then took a parent to call the school to question the situation.  Things worked out well and everyone’s all the wiser now.  Click Here To Read the Article

What does this lead me to question?  Well, it might just do that …encourage me to question even more.  I once talked with a superintendent of a local school system where my own children attend.  We were having a frank discussion about rights and privileges of parents and students and the community at large with respect to our local school system.  I remember saying to her, “It is my view that, as a parent, I lend my authority and discretion to you as an educator on behalf of my own children.  And at any time I can take that back.”  She completely agreed and said that if more parents knew that, more might be actively involved in their children’s education at home and alongside the schools.  She said, and my wife who is also an educator agrees, too many times parents drop kids off and simply expect the “system” to raise their kids.  We were blessed to have such an educator leading our schools.  Many school systems have the view that they are blessed by the federal government and higher education to teach our children their way, which is always right in their eyes.  That is not a blanket statement as many schools have at heart parent’s rights.  It’s just that stories like these above have me worried that Big Gov is slowly becoming, by way of bloated bureaucracy and non-involved parents, the self appointed expert in all things education.

Some questions to all the administrators and educators listed in these articles would be

  • What do you really see the role of parent to be in the life of their own child?
  • Where does that right come from?
  • And what is the role of the local schools for a parent’s child?
  • Do you , as a teacher or administrator, believe that parents lend you their authority to education their own children?  And do you believe that within given circumstances they can pull that authority back?

Just some thoughts.  Please let me know what you think 🙂

Finally, someone came out and said the truth about what looks to be an agenda.  What’s this agenda?  That the government can take care of all of our needs?  Now, did this MSNBC host actually say that the government will take care of our children?  No, but what she did say is parents need to get over the notion that their kids are their own.  “Their own.”  Yes, meaning, that my children aren’t mine.  I have a few questions for Melissa Harris-Perry.

  • Ms. Perry, when you say my 3 children aren’t mine, who do they really belong to?
  • Ms. Perry, when you say my 3 children are everyone’s responsibility, what exactly do you mean?
  • Ms. Perry, what types of things will my community take care of and how?
  • Ms. Perry, are you talking about general welfare, public schools without local control, health, jobs, homes?
  • Ms. Perry, when you say this, how do you see homeschooling families fitting into this vision?
  • Ms. Perry, do you have children?
  • Ms. Perry, do you see religion fitting into this vision?  And how?  Specifically please.

Thank you.  I look forward to your answers.

Eddie (www.anotherquestionplease.com)

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