Carney – Rupublican Policies Cause of Food Stamp Usage

White House Press Secretary Carney pauses as he speaks about U.S. President Obama's response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings during a media briefing in WashingtonJust over a year ago Carney, after a GOP debate that highlighted food stamp use, said that it was Republican policies that were the cause of the rise in this programs use.  Ummm, Mr. Carney, we are now a year+ passed your assertion.  At that time, a record 45 Million were using the stamps.  Today we hear news that another record number of people, 47.3 million are now in the food stamp system.  15%of the USA!  Question please?  If we are now well in to the first year of this president’s 2nd term, is it still Republican policies?  Just curious Mr. Carney.



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