Your Kids Aren’t Really Yours …at least that’s what is being talked about…

Finally, someone came out and said the truth about what looks to be an agenda.  What’s this agenda?  That the government can take care of all of our needs?  Now, did this MSNBC host actually say that the government will take care of our children?  No, but what she did say is parents need to get over the notion that their kids are their own.  “Their own.”  Yes, meaning, that my children aren’t mine.  I have a few questions for Melissa Harris-Perry.

  • Ms. Perry, when you say my 3 children aren’t mine, who do they really belong to?
  • Ms. Perry, when you say my 3 children are everyone’s responsibility, what exactly do you mean?
  • Ms. Perry, what types of things will my community take care of and how?
  • Ms. Perry, are you talking about general welfare, public schools without local control, health, jobs, homes?
  • Ms. Perry, when you say this, how do you see homeschooling families fitting into this vision?
  • Ms. Perry, do you have children?
  • Ms. Perry, do you see religion fitting into this vision?  And how?  Specifically please.

Thank you.  I look forward to your answers.

Eddie (

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  1. jimmymac said:

    This is just one other reason why I don’t belong to the Democrat party any more.They are now a bunch of socialist communist.They piss on our constitution…The right to free speech is ok as long as they are the ones talking…The second amendment right to bare arms is only for the wealthy leftist Hypocrites who have armed security and live in gated houses with armed security…but our lives and family aren’t worthy of protecting…these people…mayor mother Bloomers has armed security ,these hollywood wackos have armed security Obama has armed security for LIFE…but they want our guns so they can rule like other communist countries…Now we have this nut case commie who says our children aren’t ours and a embryo is a THING until that THING becomes a child…then it belongs to the community ie STATE…like in Cuba,China and other commie countries…You people better wake up and get your heads out of your libtard arses before they start telling you what toilet paper you can use. Be afraid——be very afraid when you hear that your children arent yours….civil war is coming. Before you libturds start calling me a republican —–I am a independent….which means I can think for myself and don’t need to belong to a FRAT because mommy and daddy did….That’s what is ruining this country —people voting by party not what a person can do for ALL Americans not just the ones they want.I heard every STUPID reason on earth why people voted for Obama…They wanted to be part of history making ?????? how nice ,you vote for the most powerful person in the country because of color….Now before you libturds call me a racist…you are all good at calling names when someone disagrees with you…..I don’t vote for someone on race,religion,looks or ,how well they can read a teleprompter.I don’t care if they are a green,atheist ,transvestite,midget,as long a I think they could help our country not DEVIDE it.Hows that Hopey/changey working out for you ??? your health care cost is going up,soon your employer will drop paying it and pay a fine,then you get to pay a fine for not having it…If you are working in a small business,your employer will make you part time so he don’t have to pay it and then you will pay a fine..unemployment is still over 8%—-and your president says —-FORWARD—lol,lol,lol.

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