Jobs and Obamacare – ?

Yet another news article came across my computer screen this morning with respect to planned lay-offs due to the already enacted portions of the Affordable Health Care Act and the quickly approaching full enactment of the law/tax (I put ‘tax’ there referencing the Supreme Court Decision last summer).

My frustration is this.  This article is not the first one I’ve read about companies that are planning large percentage lay-offs, cuts in employee’s weekly hours, product price increases, etc.  CLICK HERE FOR A SHORT LIST of companies already coming forward with their plans and reasons for their changes.  Keep in mind, this list is a tad old.

Has anyone heard a logical explanation from those who voted “yes” as to why this is happening?  Has anyone heard the current administration in the White House, executive branch, talk about whether they expected this…planned for this…have stop-gaps for this?

I ask because I haven’t.  I’ve heard people searching for words that seem soothing to ears but explain no truth.  When will a reporter or a news service keep pressing questions about this until they’ve heard a truthful explanation?

Have you heard explanations that make sense?

Here’s the article that caught my eye this morning (click here).  Regal Cinemas are planning new cuts due to….wait for it…Obamacare.  Tada!


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