Life and Death on Trial Again – Gosnell

Thoughts of humanity are in the public eye again this week as we’ve seen terrorism in Boston and what looks like to be a horrific, workplace accident in Texas.  And a story that’s been slowly making headlines is equally as heart wrenching.  I have to admit, I have read the headlines, but have scanned the articles describing the medical practice of Dr. Gosnell.  After reading a sentence or two…well…I have to stop.  It just seems too evil.  Yes, I typed the word.  I say ‘evil’ without hatred or malice, but with sadness and a lump in my throat.

The abortion debate rages on again as different media outlets call the lives taken either ‘fetuses‘ or ‘babies.’  I have my opinion and I’m assuming its obvious.  I guess I have some questions that would be directed to all media outlets.

I would ask those reporters and those who write for the talking heads (no offense to anchors), by what process do you decide to call “life” a fetus or a baby?  Reference CBS change of this story within a few years here.  In 2010 you called the those bodies in a freezer and in jars fetuses… in 2013 you called them babies.  I’m just curious.

In various blogs about this trial, the comment section is filled with supporters of and against abortion.  Most abortion rights writers say that it’s not a baby until first breath.  Two questions here for me would be; 1) Why then do current laws detail time in womb verses breath of air? and based on your answer to the first question 2) When does motherhood start?

Hollywood reporters regularly call out the “baby-bump” of actresses who are expecting.  Most people I know who have become pregnant automatically begin calling the little one inside their belly by name if they’ve found out the gender.  And, most of them have also signed on to the ‘mom’ title as soon as the pink P shows up on the pregnancy test stick.

What I hear from most of media outlets, experts and politicians, is life is important after first breath (such as the tearful news of the 8 year old killed by one of the Marathon bombs).  Until then, its not human life.

Side note – It’s illegal to harm a Bald Eagle “fetus” (egg)…even through it’s not had it’s first breath.  Fine and jail time are potentials if you do.  So…are we consistent in how we view life in general?  Not sure.  But my heart is leaning in a direction now.


Thanks, as always for reading.  Leave responses below.  I’d love to communicate with you.


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