Obama Calls on God to Bless Planned Parenthood

Make no mistake. God‘s name was invoked recently by President Obama as if he was calling on God to bless this organization. The number one abortion provider in the country and a tax-payer funded organization now world-wide (some don’t know this fact), Planned-Parenthood is leading the way for the Pro-Choice movement. My question to the president is this, which I’ve never heard anyone ask, “Mr. President, when do you think human life begins?” And another question please, “When do you think the life of your daughters began?” And yet another, “When did you start saying that your wife was carrying a child?” Oh…and yet another, “If you found out the gender of your two daughters before birth, did you name them?”

You see, the answers to the first question will show one’s philosophy of life and determine the answers to the next few. If the president would answer honestly that life doesn’t begin until 3rd trimester or after first breath, descriptions many pro-choicers like to use, then he would not call the 1st trimester baby-bump his child, nor would he even want to know the gender let alone name the “fetus.”

Most of us know his voting record on baby/fetus issues before he became president. But no one has sat down with him to answer the tough questions.

I’m just wondering if anyone would ask him these questions now….


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