Food Stamps

obamaYes, some of these questions may seem lame, but NO ONE is asking simple things like this.  I shouldn’t use blanket statements like that…but it certainly does seem that NO ONE is asking questions, and follow-ups, that leads to nailed down answers.  Here is my running list of questions to our president’s Saturday address.


  1. Sir, are you just for the middle class?  Or are you for the all Americans, rich and poor?
  2. Businesses created 95,000 last month.  That’s the size of Davenport, Iowa.
  3. Across the board cuts…Sir, would the payroll tax increase which happened at the first of the year have any cause in these sluggish numbers?  Sir, would the rising fear of what Obamacare is going to cost businesses have anything to do with these numbers as well?
  4. Why do you and your administration always say the term “middle class,” as in your endeavor to create “middle class” jobs.  Why do you refer to everyday Americans in classes rather than just Americans?
  5. “…deficits are already shrinking. That’s a fact.”  Sir, you said this, but I haven’t noticed that National Debt Clock moving backwards.  In my house, when a deficit shrinks, I notice that my “balance owed” gets smaller.  What numbers do site as “fact” when making this claim?
  6. What are you and y our administration doing to help create jobs for lower class?  It seems that you’re just focused on the middle class.
  7. When you say “hard work leads to a decent living,” what are your definitions for “decent?

White House Press Secretary Carney pauses as he speaks about U.S. President Obama's response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings during a media briefing in WashingtonJust over a year ago Carney, after a GOP debate that highlighted food stamp use, said that it was Republican policies that were the cause of the rise in this programs use.  Ummm, Mr. Carney, we are now a year+ passed your assertion.  At that time, a record 45 Million were using the stamps.  Today we hear news that another record number of people, 47.3 million are now in the food stamp system.  15%of the USA!  Question please?  If we are now well in to the first year of this president’s 2nd term, is it still Republican policies?  Just curious Mr. Carney.


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