Row v Wade

Have you heard? Douglas Karpen, from Houston, Texas,  is the newest doctor, if he can be called that, making headlines for his “practice.”  What did he practice?  He made a practice of performing late-term abortions outside the boundaries the law states as legal.  Kermit Gosnell was just recently given life without parole for his “practice” in the Philadelphia area.

Can these faces become the new up-front image of the abortion/pro-choice industry?

I just did a quick search online for news stories concerning Dr. Karpen.  Results?  MSNBC – 0 results, ABCNews – 0 results, CBSnews – 0 Results, …..ummmm….even the Associated Press – “Your search “Douglas Karpen “ did not match any results.  No pages were found containing “Douglas Karpen.”  I’m not surprised.  I did, however, find that The Canadian Free Press is covering the story.  Again, like with the Gosnell story, it will take public outcry for news agencies to put even a little snippet of info up on their front pages.

Fear?  Yes.  Because this will become the face of the movement.

We regularly see the horrors of war on the front page.  We read of the horrors of 1 man in Cleveland kidnapping 3 ladies, using them as sex slaves and forcefully aborting at least 5 of their pregnancies that we know of…in fact that was the headline for days.

Yes, I wonder why it took this long for the nurses/assistants to come forward.  I’m simply glad they finally did.  I don’t know what heartache they have or what discouragements kept them from speaking…but they did.  I’m pleased that someone picked up their story.  I think this is the tip of an iceberg.

My questions for this topic would be addressed to the news outlets:

  • What’s the process for which you choose or choose not to cover a story?
  • Why do you quickly cover stories where “religious” people do harm to abortion clinic workers, but not when abortion clinic workers to harm to babies and ladies giving birth outside of current federal law (Gosnell)?
  • Is this type of story just too gruesome for you to cover?
  • If so, what are your boundaries for which something is determined to be too gruesome?
  • Are you afraid of these doctors becoming the new face of this specific freedom of choice movement as defined by Supreme Court decisions (R v. W)?

I’m pretty sure that no answers will be given…and I’m also pretty sure I know the answers.  But I’ll ask anyways.  Readers, please ask with me.

Thanks for reading

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