Finally, someone came out and said the truth about what looks to be an agenda.  What’s this agenda?  That the government can take care of all of our needs?  Now, did this MSNBC host actually say that the government will take care of our children?  No, but what she did say is parents need to get over the notion that their kids are their own.  “Their own.”  Yes, meaning, that my children aren’t mine.  I have a few questions for Melissa Harris-Perry.

  • Ms. Perry, when you say my 3 children aren’t mine, who do they really belong to?
  • Ms. Perry, when you say my 3 children are everyone’s responsibility, what exactly do you mean?
  • Ms. Perry, what types of things will my community take care of and how?
  • Ms. Perry, are you talking about general welfare, public schools without local control, health, jobs, homes?
  • Ms. Perry, when you say this, how do you see homeschooling families fitting into this vision?
  • Ms. Perry, do you have children?
  • Ms. Perry, do you see religion fitting into this vision?  And how?  Specifically please.

Thank you.  I look forward to your answers.

Eddie (

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